About Us

TowWorks.com is a Software as a Service (SaaS) company that creates solutions for the Marine Industry.

Established in 1991, our company has over 20+ years of experience and expertise implementing software with forward looking companies in the marine industry. We got our start in the marine industry with Jantran in Rosedale Mississippi. Jantran was running a DOS/Clipper based system that was originally developed for Yazoo River Towing by a consulting firm that was getting requirements from Ms. Teresia White. Jantran needed changes made to the system and the original consultants were no longer available, so they contacted Richard Tiller, who was then a student at Delta State University, to make changes to the system. In the many years that followed, Tiller and Jantran would make three version updates, eventually rewriting the system as a Windows™ based system in 1998.

It wasn't until 2005 that we saw the need in the industry for a solution that was easy to use and affordable. We worked with Jantran to develop a more generic, internet based system that could be used as a platform to bring other companies onboard. With that launch, the TowWorks™ service was created, and has been evolving through feedback from the marine community ever since.

Based out of Lake Jackson, Texas, our mission is to provide logistics support software and solutions to the marine industry that will reduce bottom line costs and improve customer service. The key ingredients to our success include:

  • Customer service being our number one priority
  • Ensuring user-friendly interface resulting in monies saved
  • Maintaining affordability
  • We target return on investment being less than 12 months

The history and long-term relationships we continue to share with our customers reinforces our credibility of providing a reliable suite of quality software products and services. A large portion of our customers are from referrals by other customers. We pride ourselves in the fact that our customers have the confidence to put their name behind our product and services and are willing to make the recommendation to their friends in the industry.

Our TowWorks platform is currently providing real-time data numerous locations across the inland waterway systems of North America and South America. TowWorks is intuitive, easy to learn, and provides our customers with timely, accurate information with minimal costs and maximum return on investment.