Barge Logistics Operations

Provides tracking for all your freight logistics needs. Create and track contracts, orders, and shipments in an easy to use workflow that captures revenue and expenses for freight moves

Contract Management

Store all your contract data in one centralized system. This can include all your rates and escalators, with over 60 parameters to choose from to make billing a breeze. Also, asset type billing minimum, demurrage rules, tariffs, and even attachments.

Commitment Tracking

Stay in tune with all of your customers contract positions for shipment. With our contract commitments feature you now have the ability to forecast how many barges or tons you owe each customer for the length of each contract.

Barge Trip Tracking

With our custom “traffic tree” you will now have full visibility into your entire world of barge freight tracking. This screen not only allows you to see which barges you have in each status of a trip cycle, but you can also complete all of your events as well.

Automated Tonnage Calculations

Have you ever wanted a way to easily calculate your barge tonnages via draft tables? Now you can! Simply type in your opening and closing measurement and TowWorks will automatically generate the proper tonnage on each barge trip. This will also generate a load ticket that can be sent to customers and co-workers.

Track Revenue and Expenses

With all your barge traffic now consolidated into one system you can easily track revenue and expenses per job. As traffic is being completed, TowWorks is giving you clarity into not only your revenue, but also the expenses you incur along the way.

Customer and Vendor Portals

On our web based platform, we allow you to streamline your entire business process from start to finish. This means portals that allow your customers and vendors to stay up to date with everything you’re doing without all of the phone calls and emails. Wouldn’t you like to be able to receive real time load and unload reports from your internal facilities or customers sites?

Custom Reporting

Take all of the data you have worked so hard to track and accumulate then create custom reports for your customers or internal use. We offer several easy to use graphs and pivot table functions enabling you create the metrics you need.