Human Capital Management

Crew Scheduling

Schedule crews for line haul or fleet boats and easily view your current crew on as well as the next crew to board.

Crew Reassignment

Quickly reassign crews from one boat to another with click and drag highlighting.

Crew Calendar

Fill gaps in your schedule at a glance with our Crew Calendar that allows you to filter to set days/boats/ positions or individual crew members.

Credential Tracking and Email Notification

Track employee credentials in the Human Capital Module by simply saving a credential name, expiration date and attachment file on an employee record. Want the system to email your employees with reminders of expiration? Add an email and set a trigger window for emails.

Payroll Reporting and Integrations

TowWorks makes payroll easy by calculating units works, custom pay codes and the crew members position pay to provide totals that can integrate to your payroll system.

Crew Dashboard

Our Crew Dashboard allows the Captain to designate who’s “on shift” or “off shift” in 2 simple clicks. The times captured are saved to the employee’s personal record for auditing related to barge events that took place.