Line Haul Towing

With TowWorks Line Haul Towing Module, users easily manage and plan a vessels trip from start to end. From the comprehensive fleet diagram to tow planning, automated customer e-mail notifications and real time vessel mapping; TowWorks provides you with the data and tools you need to efficiently manage your fleet.

Interactive Boat Trip Board

Be able to view all of your vessel’s tows in one place. Grouped by waterway, direction and mile you have an easy real-time way to check on each of your tow and barge statuses.

Port to Port Tow Planning

You or your Captains can quickly diagram your tow in order of upcoming barge pick-ups and drops to maximize efficiencies and minimize wasted time during fleeting and tow building.

Automated Customer E-Mail Notifications

Remove the need for constant calls and emails to your customers with the Barges en Route report. This gives you the flexibility to either review and then e-mail or automatically e-mail customers all of your vessels pick up and drop off points along a waterway with what each boats orders are requesting.

Boat Console

TowWorks drag and drop functionality and automatic log entries let your wheelman spend less time typing and filling out paperwork. A few simple mouse clicks allow users to complete the majority of TowWorks events with no typing required. This allows your wheelmen more time to concentrate on crew and vessel operations.

Vessel Map and Geo Fence Reporting

TowWorks Vessel Map gives your team real-time vessel locations and past travel history that is updated at five-minute intervals, in either map or satellite view. Geo Fence Reporting is used to compute waterway taxes and USACE “Corps” reports; it can also be used for bridge passage or other location based e-mail notifications.