Unit Tow Operations

The US inland river market is becoming more difficult to operate in each day. With all the regulatory and customer requirements you are facing daily, when do you have time to manage your equipment? With TowWorks fully integrated Unit Tow module, you now have a single centralized location for all of your planning, dispatching, and billing needs, and human capital management. TowWorks drag and drop functionality and automatic log entries let your wheelman spend less time typing and filling out paperwork; which allows them more time to concentrate on crew and vessel operations.

Dispatch Your Entire Fleet

Send/modify your vessel’s orders in real time. Whether you have one boat on a job, multiple boats assisting a shipment or barge only jobs, TowWorks enables you to consolidate that data into one unified order to make sure you always meet your customer's requirements.

Send and Review Customer Traffic

Quickly review your fleet traffic, approve it, and send it to your customers with the click of a button.

Batch Entry Panel for Boats

This multi-tab layout by loading and discharge facility allows your captains to fill out all of their traffic for every barge in minutes. With built in audits you can assure your dispatcher and customers that traffic will stay clean and precise.

Real Time Fuel Usage Tracking

With TowWorks fuel inventory tracking built into the Unit Tow module, you have real-time fuel usage data 24/7. TowWorks can break down each of your vessels end of day fuel readings to give you total fuel used, fuel by mile and any user designated fuel use metrics you may need including taxable waterway miles broken down by each taxable/non-taxable area. The taxable waterways are created with user configured geo-fences that are easily managed in house. Turn what used to be hours of reading through tug logs into a one-step review and reporting process!

Contract Rebills

How do you make sure all your 3rd party invoices are being re-billed in a timely manner? TowWorks has streamlined the process with our automated contract rebill feature. The moment you get an invoice for 3rd party services like barge cleaning, tankerman or fleeting services, etc. enter that invoice into the TowWorks Billing module and receive automatic alerts for customer re-billable items so you can add these charges to your customer invoices.

Vessel Map

Using the data from the TowWorks Vessel Map, real-time reports such as Ton Miles, State Miles, Daily Distance Traveled with Map, Corps Reports, etc. can be created with user designated filters at any time. TowWorks Vessel Map gives your team real-time vessel locations and past travel history that is updated at five-minute intervals, in either map or satellite view. These locations can be filtered by vessel and customer and provide you with river mile, heading and actual vessel speeds over ground (MPH).


TowWorks Reports is where all of your data comes together into user defined reports in which the data can be filtered in multiple ways providing you with truly custom metrics. A few of the reports available are monthly revenue, days in fleet, barge turn times, boat utilization, dead freight reporting, fuel and lube usage reports and many more.