Manage all your employee details from scheduling to pay rates, in one location.


  • Schedule and manage your crews from one easy-to-use dashboard so your crew dispatchers and personnel department can keep track of your employees by vessel, position or crew rotation.

  • Quickly and easily transfer crewmembers between vessels depending on your needs and crew availability.

  • Track and approve payroll for export to your company’s accounting and payroll systems without duplicating data entry in multiple systems.

  • In addition to individual daily or hourly pay rates you can add overtime, shift differentials, single man, ride over and other user defined pay escalators automatically based upon your needs.

  • Manage all of your employees credentials, training, pay and other items in the individual employee files.

  • Create user PINs and signatures easily, to facilitate digital signatures on trainings, drills, and other documents. Completed trainings and drills are then tied to the employee record and are visible throughout the system under vessels, the employee record, and under completed forms in the Compliance module.

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